LAHORE - The Punjab Education Foundation (PEF) has formally launched “School Improvement Program” under pilot project to help the academically weak partners improve their academics and start providing quality education to the students.

For this purpose, 110 needy partner schools from 21 different districts including Lahore have been short-listed and offered to join the SIP. These schools will be provided subject specialists who will perform multifarious duties in these schools to help improve the overall quality standards.

PEF Managing Director Dr Aneela Salman, while addressing the launching ceremony of SIP at children’s library complex on Thursday, informed that 38 subject specialists would be attached with 110 selected schools, 18 from Lahore. These subject specialists will perform as Monitor, Facilitator & Trainer (MFT) so that the deficient schools could get rid of their weaknesses and improve the overall academic standards, she added.

Program directors, concerned officers of the foundation, subject specialists along-with schools heads attended the ceremony.

“Students are our best asset and it’s our responsibility to work for their betterment in shape of good education which would help them to excel in practical life.

This will produce talented leadership to steer the country towards prosperity and development,” Aneela Salman said.