My teacher used to say, “Don’t think of your problem as an issue, but rather think of it as an opportunity.” In Peshawar, University Town was once considered a posh, green and quite residential area, but nowadays it is under siege by commercial encroachment, due to lack of commercial areas, the houses in University Town have been converted into schools, restaurants, guest houses, government offices, non-profit offices, international and multinational organization offices.

These commercial businesses attract traffic, pollution and noise. Heavy usage has damaged the roads, power lines, and drainage and strained the water supply. Some offices related to UN organization, US or Iran Government have even closed off road access around their rented houses. While schools, tuition centers, education and health centers have heavy traffic presence around their locations, both Government and private businesses have damaged the infrastructure of the area. There are many benefits of this to the residents as well.

To help resolve this problem the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has issued notices to all the commercial businesses, but not the International Organizations, to close down and move their business away from University Town, or else their owners will be arrested. Which I think is an unwise decision, the KP Government should allow these commercial businesses to operate but they should be asked to pay heavy tax to the University Town Municipality, which can be used to improve the infrastructure.

The commercial businesses should also be held responsible for the cleanliness and repair of road, which should be inspected every six month, by a different inspector. For those commercial businesses, where heavy traffic is an issue, like, schools, a special team of traffic wardens should be hired, for managing the traffic at the peak traffic times, and their salaries should be paid for by the commercial business. No business should be allowed to close down any roads in University Town. The Municipality can also manage a complaint section, where local residents can register their complaints. University Town Municipality can earn revenue that can be used to clean, improve and repair the area making it once again a posh residential township.


Peshawar, May 10.