Junaid Jamshed was beaten by a group of religious fanatics over his blasphemous proclamation about Bibi Ayesha (ra), even in the wake of apologizing publicly later on. The act of blasphemy is not another impression; it has been a part of Muslim society since the time of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Did he arrange executing when he was disregarded? NO, because he was sent as a mercy to humankind and our religion teaches us forbearance, not brutality. The question I raise is who are we force Islamic laws on others? The religion set by Allah Almighty and preached by His righteous apostle (pbuh) has been lost somewhere in the void of our own contempt and ego. The coarseness of action as well as the abuses hurled by the assailant immaculately sums up the un-Islamic contemplation he takes after. He acknowledged freely being behind this assault on Facebook and appeared to be really pleased. I am glad the officials have filed an FIR against those who were part of this horrible act; this will put an end to these attacks by Islamic Extremists. 


Karachi, April 4.