It was only yesterday when my cousins, studying at one of the most elite school, told me that their school's library only had a handful of books while there were more computers there. They said they were supposed to read e-books on them but most children just surfed sites and played games there. I was deeply saddened to know how they did not like reading but watching movies. On a field trip, their school was taking them to a cinema to show the latest Batman movie. 

It was unbelievable, and heartrending, to discover that such a prestigious educational organization does not encourage reading habit in their children. With our country experiencing such sad events, the worst is, perhaps, when our youth stop reading and writing. 

I would like to implore to the school administrations, through your respectable newspaper, to not be a cause of our country's destruction. Please set up expansive libraries in your schools with a variety of genres to inculcate reading habit in children. Specially when most private schools charge such hefty fees, it is the least they can do for our children. 


Karachi, April 4.