The plummeting smoking rate is a sign of caution for public health authorities who should take strict action against this torment for the society. 

According to World Health Organization WHO in Pakistan smoking has increased by 30% as compared to figures in 1998. The Pakistan Pediatric Association has estimated 1000 to 1200 school going children take up smoking everyday in the country. Smoking prevalence is thought of as the single most avoidable risk factors for cancers and it is high time to not only educate the masses about the hazards of tobacco but also impose heavy taxes on its consumption and production otherwise a big statistical graph of deaths is expected in future as well. 

In our country where average income is no more than 15000, 25% of the household income is spent on this crap! People should themselves be prudent enough to understand this and also act upon it. 


Karachi, April 3.