On 1st April a young bride was drenched in blood and killed on her first marriage night in Jackobabad Sindh by her monster bride groom. The girl left her parents home to start a new and important phase of life or perhaps she was handed like a goat to be slaughtered to man who assumed ownership of the commodity. We have to move beyond only condemnation, sympathy and demands of implementation of law, because despite all these good steps, the hacking of women continues. Honour killing cases should be treated as terrorism and a crime against humanity. Perpetrators and master minds i.e. those who hold Jirgas or publicly defend and provide absurd justifications for the killing innocent women should be tried in anti-terrorism courts. Other part of the strategy should be to socially boycott the perpetrators, master minds and facilitators of the Jirga because the high importance given to the killers also encourages others to commit the crime. We can appeal to the conscience of the mainstream political parties to throw all those feudal sardars, spiritual and religious leaders MPA and party leaders out of their party and power positions who directly and indirectly promote the inhuman culture of killing women to keep “honour” intact.


Johi, April 2.