ISLAMABAD: Experts have warned that India's conventional and nuclear build-up is undermining South Asia's strategic stability, and can set off an arms race in the region.  

They were speaking at a roundtable discussion in Islamabad in the context of developments in India and Pakistan, existing nuclear doctrines, conventional deterrence, and regional security environment.     

Dr Adil Sultan said, India, besides upgrading its conventional capability in a big way, is also developing a complete inventory of nuclear arms ranging from tactical weapons to inter-continental ballistic missiles out of its ambitions to be reckoned as an undisputed power in the region.  

He said inconsistencies in India's evolving strategic thought and the discord in India's security over nuclear drivers affect the regional strategic stability.

Dr Riffat Hussain was of the view that any additional military capability acquired by India will offend Pakistan.

Dr Zafar Nawaz Jaspal believed that an arms race is already taking place in the region, which implies there is no strategic stability.