FAISALABAD -  Pakistan Muslim League –Quaid’s (PML-Q) senior central leader and former deputy prime minister Ch Parvaiz Elahi has asked all parties to rise above the differences and guard JIT of Panama leaks.

Addressing a grand workers convention in Faisalabad yesterday evening, he said all parties should now leave the issue of Dawn leak. He said every person was standing with the armed forces for their prestige and honour.

Felicitating team of Ch Zaheeruddin for organising a highly successful workers convention, Ch Parvaiz said Faisalabad grand gathering was an acknowledgement to the fact that PML-Q had served the masses. He said present rulers were nowhere in sight in the face of their works.  He said everyone was talking about Dawn leak.

“Nawaz Sharif is trying very hard to hit but I say now that better use formula of passenger to look after his luggage".

He said Pak Army had safeguarded and protected the motherland and life and property of the people more than anyone else.

Ch Parvaiz said that all parties should brush aside their differences and should keep an eye on the JIT performance and its every day proceedings. A report in this regard should be presented and be made public.

He said the rulers promised to generate electricity but on the other hand trying to sell off cheap Bahawalpur Solar project producing 18 megawatt of electricity at a cost of Rs17 billion and Rs100 billion Nandipur Power project on their failure. Both the brothers have destroyed economy, he maintained.

“Two projects of Jangla bus and orange line after consuming 65 per cent of the provincial budget have bankrupted the Punjab. The rulers run to London for treatment of their headache but they have destroyed the government hospitals. In their own Ittefaq Hospital cats are running around. Elder brother Nawaz Sharif is distributing health cards but where they should go to get treatment. Flop Ashiana scheme was developed on government land and commission was taken even in it.”

Parvaiz said, “Costly electricity of Rs18 per unit can only become available at cheap rates if Kalabagh dam is constructed. Sindh will get maximum water from it and no province is going to suffer. We used to pay half bill of agriculture tube-wells but if Kalabagh dam is constructed the farmers will get free electricity. He said even government schools and hospitals are b1eing leased out on contract.”

He said if he had undertaken record development works in Faisalabad, did not let industries close down, this was some Ehsaan but it was their right.

“It is the duty of the people to differentiate who is their real well wisher and who is not.”

If Shehbaz Sharif had utilized funds spent on providing basic facilities to the people instead of Jangla bus and orange line train, today the province would not have under debt of Rs2000 billion. Pakistan Muslim League on coming into power will again resume era of prosperity where it was stopped.

Ch Parvaiz Elahi once again threw open challenge to the rulers asking them to compare their works with his works.

MNA Tariq Bashir Cheema said that Ch Parvaiz Elahi had given gifts to people like Cardiology Hospital, Engineering University, an industrial estate and 1122 to Faisalabad but Sharif brothers had given them ring leader of Model Town tragedy who hurls abuses on people.

Tariq Bashir Cheema further said works of Ch Parvez Elahi spoke volume in every city of Punjab. No other person had done such a hard work like him. Ch Parvaiz had opened the treasury for the farmers. He said only Ch Pervaiz could make Pakistan and Punjab prosperous. He clarified that they will not tolerate humiliation of national institutions and will stand ready all the time to defend them.

The convention was attended by thousands of workers of all wings of the party. Enthusiastic workers were dancing bhangra on beats of drum. Flower petals were showered on Ch Parvaiz Elahi by the workers. They presented dances of camels and horses and released birds in the air. Workers kept chanting loud enthusiastic slogans in support of Ch Shujaat Hussain, Ch Parvaiz Elahi, Moonis Elahi, Ch Zaheeruddin and other leaders. The gathering venue was jam-packed. People in large number were also standing outside. On power shutdown during the convention the workers raised slogans of Go Nawaz Go.

During the convention, N-League’s Ziaullah and Attaullah advocates announced to join the PML-Q. On this, Ch Zaheeruddin invited those who had defected Muslim League to return to the party fold saying that this was the best opportunity for them. He also presented the welcome address.

On this occasion, Muhammad Basharat Raja, Qamar Hayat Kathia, Aamir Sultan Cheema, Engineer Shehzad Elahi, Ch Taimur, Mian Imran Masood. Dr Zain Ali Bhatti, Rana Mohammad Azeem Khan, Rai Abdul Qadir Khan, Hassan Akhtar Aura, Malik Sarfaraz Awan, Haq Nawaz Sangla, Munawar Manj, Qazi Ehsanul Haq Gujjar, Ehsanullah Tarar, Malik Shakeel Sikander and other leaders were also present.