Whenever we hear the word “doctor” our mind immediately leads us to a person who’s the life saver after God, a person who has chosen this occupation to serve the humanity. But, unfortunately the latest news that is travelling in media completely changed my opinion regarding doctors, or I can say some corrupt doctors functioning in Lahore. The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) busted an illegal organ trade gang in Lahore, not only these doctors were involved in organ trafficking but they had conducted several illegal kidney transplants. Though, these criminals brought a bad name to the doctors’ community but the real question is how they were functioning from a very long time? That too, in one of the biggest cities of our country! Yet again, it’s the lack in check and balance from authorities that are responsible to keep an eye on illegal events happening in the country, especially when the illegal acts are causing serious life factor risk of common people. 


Karachi, May 2.