Pakistan’s total population is around 195 million, but we are still incompetent to produce even one athlete that can succeed in the Olympics. In the past, Pakistan was always in the top of the world in the hockey, volleyball, squash, cricket, karate and many other games. There was a time when Pakistan amongst the top two in the world in cricket. The player’s like Jahangir Khan, Jansher Khan, Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Hasan Sardar, and many other legends dominated in the world with their performances. However, now the nation’s performance in the field of the squash, hockey, cricket, boxing and other game are declining and this downfall in performances is detracting the public away from the sports.  

Many other factors caused the decline of the sports in Pakistan. Firstly, corruption has, drowned the ship of sports in Pakistan and destroyed many talented players. Second is politics, that whenever politics enters into sports, it will destroy it, and it is sad to know that Pakistan’s sport is highly under the influence of this factor. Third is lack of infrastructure, in Pakistan the players did not get the platform where they can groom and avail facilities to get them prepared for the international standard. Fifth is the issue of funds due to which many talented players cannot afford to play. Moreover, media is also lacking in the promotion of the sports in the country. Even with all these issues, we can still resuscitate sports in Pakistan by reducing the problems and promoting the importance of sports at a national level. Events such as PSL help to revive the culture of sports in Pakistan, these not only involved the public and also aid to explore new talent in Pakistan. 


Islamabad, May 1.