Islamabad - Encroachers have confiscated 251 buildings of Pakistan Postal Service (PPS) which were reduced from 371 till 2015 with the efforts of the department.

Furthermore, out of the total amount of Rs 624. 46 million, Pakistan Postal Services had recovered Rs 142 million during last five years. The amount was recovered from 241 reported cases during the period, official sources told APP.

They informed that in 2012, 43 cases were registered having embezzled amount of Rs 158 million among which Rs 15.74 were recovered while in 2013, 52 cases were registered with an amount of Rs 58.26 million among which Rs 29.09 million was recovered. Whereas, 36 cases were registered in 2014 among which Rs 90.70 million was embezzled and an amount of Rs 12.2 million was recovered by the department, 47 cases in 2015 with Rs 94.1 million fraud money among which Rs 28.02 million was recovered and in 2016, 63 cases were reported among which Rs 223.4 million was embezzled and the recovered money was Rs 57.5 million.