People are aware how encroachment of land is playing havoc with our society. The police and civil administrations, which could have played an effective role in curbing, controlling and finally eliminating this menace, are themselves steeped in these vices.

The land grabbers are openly encroaching amenity, government and public land with the help of fake and fabricated documents generally called China cutting, obtained fraudulently with the connivance of the high ups and it is said that the amount is spent in terrorism.

The DG KDA Syed Nasir Abbas has taken serious action and in spite of heavy resistance several precious government and public land has successfully been recovered from the land grabbers and FIRs have also been lodged against them.

It is requested to all the concerned, especially DG Rangers to cooperate and provide Rangers force in operation against the encroachment so that result may be achieved and your great sacrifices for establishing peace should not be lost at any cost.


Karachi, May 2.