Islamabad - The project called `Establishment of National Institute of Human Rights (NIHR)’ needs an immediate attention of higher authorities which is being delayed and funds are about to lapse.

The government has earmarked Rs150 million for the project under Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) 2016-17 but the ministry of Human Rights (MOHR) utilised only Rs10 million among the total amount so far.

There were a total amount of Rs170 million was allocated for the ministry in PSDP 2016-17, including Rs20 million for the ongoing project of Helpline for Legal Advice on Human Rights, Islamabad besides Rs150 million for NIHR.

The ministry has utilised money earmarked for Helpline but no work has been done on the NIHR which was the key project for the ministry during the whole fiscal year.

On contacting an official of Ministry of Planning Commission, he informed APP that there is no reason for halting the funds allocated for any project but it has to be issued phase wise.

 “The reserved amount is divided in different phases of the project and after completion of first phase the money for the second phase is issued according to the set procedure of the government,” he informed.

Under the procedure, he informed a monitoring team of Ministry of Planning, Development and Reforms visit the project and after their satisfactory report, the amount for next phase has been issued.

The delay in releases is just for the concerned ministry has not completed the required work for which the amount has been released.

Replying to a query raised in last Senate functional committee on Human Rights, held on April 28, a high official of MOHR stated that they have forwarded a request for land acquisition for the establishment of the NIHR but Capital Development Authority has not allotted the land which has halted the project.