MQM-Pakistan leader Khwaja Izhar-ul-Hasan took a jibe at the number of people gathered for the Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) protest on May 15, saying million has six zeros and not two or three.

"However, whatever happened at the PSP rally yesterday was a drama on part of the government," he said while talking to the media on Monday.

"The real issues do not solely pertain to the supply of water. Taxes, education, health and infrastructure all are problematic subjects."

He said the issues are legal and constitutional. There was no point of bringing politics into the equation.

The MQM leader was referring to the million march that was organised by PSP in Karachi on May 15.

The protesters had to march towards Red Zone, where the Chief Minister House is situated but were intercepted by the police who resorted to tear gas shelling and use of water cannon to stop the protesters.

Some of the workers and leaders were also arrested but later released.

While speaking about the first-ever victory of Pakistan in a test series in West Indies, the MQM leader said they will pay tribute in the assembly.