KAMALIA/BAHAWALPUR-Various PTI and Jamaat-e-Islami leaders separately lambasted the PML-N leadership for persistently unresolved national crises and its failure to provide relief for the masses.

Addressing a gathering at the home of Rugby Player for Pakistan Steel Mills Rai Aslam Marth, PTI West Punjab leader Ch Sarwar said that the Punjab bureaucracy had bowed down to the ruling party and it seemed that they are getting paid by the rulers and not from the public taxes.

He stated that the Punjab law enforcement agencies whose job is to controlling crimes are actually protecting the ruling party. "Countless robbery and theft accidents in Lahore are a valid proof that the Dolphin Force has been unable to deliver like the police department and other agencies. The Elite Police Force that was created earlier is exclusively being used for the security of the VIPs' and the Dolphin Force is also being used as the personal guards of the officials of the ruling party and its supporters." he said.

Ch Sarwar warned that the law and order situation may get critical if the government departments are not cleaned of politics. PTI Tehsil President Rai Zafar Iqbal Jakhar, Secretary General Iftikhar Ali Anjum, City President Hassan Nawaz, Senior Vice President Zahid Mughal and others were present.

Likewise, Bahawalpur Jamaat-e-Islami leaders said that at one hand inflation has made the life of people difficult and on the other, with the increase in scorching heat, unannounced loadshedding has paralyzed the lives to 14 hours in the urban areas while 18 to 20 hours in the rural areas.

They said the national economy has suffered a great loss due to electricity's load shedding. They said that industries are being transferred to India, Bangladesh, China, Malaysia and other countries, labour community has been forced to starvation due to unemployment and in this frustration they are committing suicides. With the arrival of summer, electricity shortfall has reached 5,000MW; significant gap has been seen in the demand and supply of electricity; government's all claims of minimising loadshedding has proven to be just claims, they said.

Unannounced power loadshedding has badly affected the people from all walks of life, they said. Leadership's attention is upon corruption while public issues are increasing day by day, they said. Instead of resolving the public issues, the government is focusing on completing their tenure, while inflation, unemployment, load shedding, and corruption have been affecting the country, they said.