Sindh governor said the killing of labourers near Gwadar was an unfortunate incident, while being at the inauguration of urs of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar in Sehwan today.

"The entire nation is standing together in this testing time," Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair said referring to the killing of 10 labourers in two different incidents on the outskirts of Gwadar. "Whoever the terrorists are and whatever the forces may be we have to resist them."

While talking about the situation in Sehwan post February bombing, the governor said much work has been done at the shrine after the incident. He inaugurated the three-day ceremony, which was attended by people from across the country.

 The provincial minister, Nisar Ahmed Khoro was also present in Sehwan, along with the governor. He spoke about the Million March of Pak Sarzameen Party, saying no one is stopped from carrying out political activities, but there are many other places where it could have been done. "The press club for instance is used for such activities."

 However, the PSP leaders were adamant on protesting outside the Chief Minister House in Red Zone, Khoro added, which was not right. "We had requested them to reconsider their decision."

 Khoro was talking about the Million March that had started on May 15, but was stopped midway when shelling was done on the protesters. They were to walk towards the CM House, however, before that, they were intercepted.

Many workers of the party, including PSP Chief Mustafa Kamal, was also arrested, but was later released.