The Dawn Leaks issue came to an end, and much like after the Panamagate issue, the Nawaz government remained in place, while the PTI stood there with its hand upon its head, wondering what had gone wrong. The PTI seemed to have felt particularly let down because it was the Army which did the letting down and failed in the national duty of removing Mian Nawaz and installing Imran Khan forthwith.

Admittedly, the whole mess had taken place because of the militants, and thus it can be one of the terroristic achievements of the militants, that it almost brought down the government. Still, there was no evidence of the militants playing a role in the withdrawal of the tweet that caused the whole controversy.

There was also no trace of a Russian hand in the withdrawal of the tweet, even though there was some evidence that Russia had dumped a whole slew of emails at a time that French centrist Emanuel Macron was in a second-round vote for the Presidency, which showed he might have an offshore company. It was shown that he didn’t, but Imran Khan is said to mind the French not having had the courtesy to ask. After all, he had had his first marriage solemnized in France.

Just to show that terrorism was still a threat, the USA deported a Sikh taxidriver. He had entered the USA through Mexico in 1998, and not only claimed asylum as someone suffering religious persecution, but he had married a US citizen in 2010, and had two kids. He had applied for a residency permit. An object lesson about how, in Trump’s America, there’s respect for the law. Especially if you’re a minority. And if you’re Muslim. Or resemble them. Remember, the first ‘Muslim’ killed in revenge for the 9/11 attacks was a Sikh in Arizona. Well, I suppose Sikhs are the nearest they have to Muslims in Arizona

India is doing nothing about the deportation. But it has taken the case of Kulbhushan Yadav to the International Court of Justice. The hearing is today. India is pulling out all the stops! It can only hope that the ICJ does not have any Dalit judges accusing the Chief Justice of caste prejudice, as Mr Justice Chinnaswamy Swaminathan Karnan, who has been sentenced by the Supreme Court for contempt, did. He has accused its judges of corruption in a letter to Narendra Modi, who is known in some circles as ‘Friend of the Dalits’. Yeah, I can imagine a BJP administration dealing harshly with caste-ism.

Still, there is not as great a kerfuffle as was caused by Donald Trump’s dismissal of the FBI director James Comey. The FBI is these days investigating Trump’s Russian connection. Russia is accused of trying to influence the American election in favour of Trump, and thus campaign and post-campaign contacts, which have already claimed the National Security Adviser, are being examined. The last time an FBI Director was removed was when Nixon sacked his.

Somehow, I don’t think North Korean leader KimJong-Un is going to regard that sacking as meeting his demand that certain CIA agents be extradited to North Korea, along with certain Chinese businessmen and the South Korean intelligence chief. He accuses them of planning to kill him with a chemical weapon. Well, at least it will mean that the North Korean diplomat beaten along with his wife, beaten up in Karachi, will have something else to talk about rather than try to defend that haircut.

Indian diplomats are also not talking, especially not about the students in Kashmir fighting with the occupation forces by throwing stones. As the pictures show, those kids have got great bowling actions. But they aren’t playing cricket, are they? That has been left to Younis Khan and Misbahul Haq, and though the Test against the West Indies isn’t over, Misbah and Younis have batted twice in the match, and have only their fielding to carry out.

Still, Kashmir is not the only place in India where people are dying, what with the 24 wedding guests killed in Bharatpur in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan state by a wall collapse there. And students don’t have a tough time in in Tamil Nadu as in Kashmir. They’re not killing them in Tamil Nadu (Mr Justice Karnan’s home state), but about a score of girls at a deaf-and-dumb school there have been criminally assaulted by the headmaster. He was shopped when earlier victims joined the staff. It’s not much, but it’s a step in the right direction that Modi has not blamed Kashmiri separatists for either.