The official opening of the U.S. Embassy in the city at the epicenter of the Israel-Palestinian conflict has predictably instigated the bloodiest day in Gaza since the 2014 war with Israel. Where most states recognize and concede the tumultuousness of the intifada and have declared that their embassies will remain in Tel Aviv until Israelis and Palestinians reach some sort of peace agreement, the US moving its embassy to Jerusalem, is a move that categorically aims at undermining any reconciliation effort and is set to provoke the discord. The move is one of baiting the Palestinians and is wholly a hostile act against international law through which the U.S. has officially aligned itself with the occupying power.

Trump’s decision affirms the Jewish claim to Jerusalem, breaking away from Washington’s decades-old role as a mediator for peace in the region. Trump’s backtracking on his accord with Iran and pitting himself against Europe highlights a manic need of the President to establish himself in the stead of war-mongering conservative figures like Neville Chamberlain and Winston Churchill, broaching conflict over conciliation.

With the embassy opening coming right before Nakba, or the Day of Catastrophe, where Palestinians commemorate lands they either fled or were evicted from after the creation of the state of Israel and Ramadan, the stage is set for a massive confrontation that might spiral out of control. For the seventh week running, protests calling for the right of return to territory that is now part of Israel have continued with Palestinians clamoring along the Gaza Israel border fence. Clashes between Israeli soldiers and protesters have left dozens of Palestinians dead and hundreds wounded with tensions escalating. With the opening coinciding with Nakba, the March of return, and rallies kicking off in the occupied West Bank cities, Gaza is now bracing itself for further protests and attacks by Israeli forces.

Israel and Iran’s covert war playing out in Syria and moving towards a full-blown conflict, and with Trumps recalcitrant attitude towards Iran, the embassy move comes full circle in a chaotic, and dangerous aligning of political agendas with huge consequences for the Middle East, Palestine and Israel itself

If the President does not understand the repercussion of his actions or the symbolic significance of his decision, he is either oblivious or apathetic to the situation. Ultimately, what can be gleaned is that the Trump administration is more occupied with shoring up conservative and Zionist support at an unpredictable time in his tenure, with dire consequences for the region.