LAHORE-Omer Salamat won the Defence Raya Monthly Medal Championship with a display of unfaltering hitting and self-assured putting on the greens here at Defence Raya course on Monday.

Conditions at the golf course were most demanding for the 62 amateur contestants, who were seeking honours and acceptance as champions but the talented ones got cowed down by the pressure of competition and their chances of achieving glory faded away as putting jitters took over. Whereas many failed in their efforts, there were others, who performed brilliantly, and outwitted the challenge of the golf course. Omer, who played to a handicap of three, was luminous and radiant during the 18 holes and took command with an unruffled application of golfing skills.

Omer compiled an applaudable score of gross 74, two over par and came out on top in the gross section. Out of the other aspirants, who made a mark in this championship, were Nasir Irshad and Jamal Nasir Khan. Nasir fetched the second gross position with a score of 76 and in third slot was Jamal Nasir Khan. A few others, who came up with good rounds were, Sardar Murad, Ali Hameed, Amir Chaudry, Azfar Hassan and Dr Nasir Raza.

In the amateur net category, players were allowed advantage of handicap and the one, who ended up in glory was, talented Qaiser Ali Khan. Playing to a handicap of 18, Qasim had a great outing and ended the 18 holes with a dream like score of net 66. Two more contenders, who performed superbly in the net section, were Adam Khan and Ali Hameed. Their effort certainly was noteworthy and they can be graded as champions of future. Adam and Ali compiled net scores of 68 each and thereby earned a place for themselves as winners. Saeed ul Haseeb scored net 69 and Zahid Ilyas net 70.

Amongst the senior category performers, the top one was Shafiq Bhatti with a score of gross 79. His nearest challenger was Col M Shafi. As for the competition in net section of seniors event, the one, who ended up on a delightful note, was Imran Amin with a score of net 67.

Others who ended up happy with their performances in seniors net were Najeeb Afzal net 70 and Tahir Mehmood net 71.