KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter vice president Haleem Adil Sheikh Monday filed an application in Shahra e Faisal police station, Karachi against Nawaz Sharif for issuing an anti-country statement.

According to details, Haleem Adil Sheikh visited the police station and filed a written application to lodge a case against Nawaz Sharif under Section 121-124.

Later, talking to media, Haleem Adil said Nawaz Sharif had put the national solidarity at the stake in greed of power. He said there could be no bigger traitor than him. He said the politics of Nawaz Sharif has already finished, that is why he is trying to play with the national institutions. He said Nawaz Sharif had never given a strong statement against India. He said now by giving a statement against Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif has proved that he is a friend of Modi.

He said that Maryam Nawaz in her tweet had supported Nawaz Sharif, while Shahbaz Sharif is issuing contradictions, which shows that now there is an inner divide in their family. He said Nawaz Sharif had not created Pakistan, but our ancestors had laid a lot of sacrifices for making this country. He said the statement of Nawaz Sharif had hurt the feelings of this nation and it would not forgive him.

He said this statement had exposed the policies of Nawaz Sharif. He said Nawaz Sharif had never done anything for the welfare of people and he came to power to shift all looted money abroad. He said the children of Nawaz Sharif live aboard and he goes abroad for medical treatment. He said these people come to Pakistani just to rule it. He said now the nation could not be anymore befooled by such traitors, adding these traitors should be hanged publically.

He said being a Pakistani citizen, we have discharged our national duty and filed an application in Shara e Faisal police station to lodge a case against Nawaz Sharif. He appealed to the IGP Sindh to lodge the case. He warned that if this case was not lodged they would knock the door of court.