KARACHI - The Sindh Assembly Monday unanimously passed a resolution censuring former prime minister Nawaz Sharif over his controversial remarks on Mumbai attacks.

Parliamentary parties of the assembly including PPP, MQM-P, PTI, defectors to PSP and PML-F supported the resolution while the key leaders of PML-N including MPA Sorath Thebo remained absent during the voting while Sherazi brothers refrained from opposing the move.    

The resolution stated that the statement of the former premier on Mumbai attacks has hurt the feelings of the entire nation and is tantamount to damaging the sacrifices made by the people and armed forces in war against terror.

“Nawaz Sharif has violated the Constitution by giving such statements and his irresponsible statement was an attack on the national security and sovereignty,” reads the resolution. The house also demanded of Nawaz Sharif to apologise over his remarks.

Talking to media outside assembly, Minister for Information Nasir Hussain Shah said that Nawaz Sharif did the same thing what Afghanistan, Bramdagh Bugti and MQM founder were doing and he should be punished for his crimes.

He said that what is happening today was a conspiracy being hatched to isolate the country at the global level and the former premier is responsible for this entire situation.

“It seems that Nawaz is standing with the version of the enemy country referring to India,” he said.

The house on Monday initiated discussion on the budget 2018-19 and eight members both from treasury and opposition benches spoke on the budget with treasury sides being all praise for the budget and opposition members criticising the government policies.

MQM-P lawmaker Jamal Ahmed said that despite being in power for a long time, the PPP was unable to resolve the issues of the people of the province and even today the people of one of the biggest city of the province is witnessing shortage of water.

“Only four schemes are approved in my constituency and even work was not initiated on them till yet, said Jamal Ahmed who was stopped from the speaker Sindh Assembly Agha Siraj Durrani for speaking more than the time limitation.

PPP lawmaker Khairun Nisa Mughal said that there was no stadium in the Sindh province-forgetting that there are stadiums in Karachi and Hyderabad.

“There is no university in my constituency of Hyderabad,” she added.

She said that the provincial government is working 24 hours for resolving the issues of the masses and the government plans to provide clean drinking water to 7000 villages in its project.  “It was due to the acknowledgement of the services rendered by the PPP that the PPP is elected from the province time and again,” she said.

PML-F lawmaker Saeed Nizamani criticised the government for looting from the provincial exchequer and said that a similar operation like Operation Radul Fassad- which was launched for eliminating terrorism- needs to be launched in the province for curbing corruption.

The MQM-P lawmaker who defected to PSP, Mehmood Abdul Razzaque said that PPP had done nothing for the Karachi city and the city still has the infrastructure that was built by PSP Chairman Mustafa Kamal.

“This an unrealistic budget and the provincial government had overburdened it with more expenditure on non-development side,” he said and further claimed that the provincial government had spent Rs 127 billion on some investments rather than utilizing it for development projects.

He further pointed out that it would have been better if the chief minister was present and noting down his recommendations, to this, the speaker said that the points were noted down and would be conveyed to the chief minister. 

Another MQM-P defector to PSP from Sukkur, Saleem Bandhani said that entire Karachi applauds the work done by Mustafa Kamal and the incumbent government is unable to declare even a Union council as model UC.

Responding to PSP lawmakers over development in Karachi during Mustafa Kamal tenure, PPP lawmaker Ghazala Sial said that Mustafa Kamal got Rs 300 billion during his mayorship for development projects and built only three to four flyovers and spent the rest of the money on spreading terrorism in the city.

“They made the city no-go area and Liaquatabad which is their stronghold in past, depicts the real picture of their development projects as no development works were carried out there,” she said.

Criticizing Nawaz Sharif, Sial claimed that the former premier himself created NAB and now criticizing it. “He had fallen into the same ravine that he chooses for others,” she said.

The house was later adjourned for Tuesday morning.