I have the honor to take the help of the readers’ column of your esteemed daily to divert the attention of the public and the concerned authorities to the serious problem of traffic on the city roads of Lahore. Pakistan is rapidly becoming an emerging economy of the world. Per capita income is increasing. Many international banks have opened. They are giving loans and cars on lease to the common citizens on easy terms and conditions. The result is that the number of cars is increasing day by day. This state of affairs has given rise to new traffic problems in our cities.  

Due to traffic our roads are growing dangerous day by day. Road accidents are increasing. Pedestrian face a lot of problem in crossing roads. Many times there is no traffic or sergeants present on the roads who can help to clear the roads or no traffic signals working properly. People of the city get frustrated. Everyone on the road is ready to fight to overcome their frustration. The government is not paying attention to this serious issue. It needs proper attention of the concerned authorities to solve and relieve the people of this metropolitan city. 


Lahore, May 12.