“It is the mark of an educated mind

to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”


Ancient Greece underpinned the basis for symbolic logic and scientific thinking to western philosophy. Aristotle was the master of philosophy and now the God of internet, entrepreneurial start-ups and e-commerce. He rebuffed Plato’s mystical and spiritual idealism and focused more towards empiricism and rational deduction.

One of his major theories gyrates around the structural concept of society.

He wrote in his politics, the principle aspect on which society functions depends on how people live together, by enabling each person “to attain a higher and better life by the mutual exchange of their different services.” As per Aristotle, man is naturally born political and in order for the society to run systematically the greater society should take precedence over individuals’ acts by means of justice. A virtue, which bands together everyone in a society, an apprehension for a good life and government. And that is why Aristotle said that political science is the most important science.

Not all have the mental faculties for this perspective, it may seem archaic and irrelevant. But, glancing at contemporary life, would Platonic love; the contentment for human soul can be only gained by reaching out for the higher truth and only that can illuminate our world – be more pertinent or the Aristotelian mean of living?