KARACHI      -     The Pakistan Tahreek e Insaf MNA Nusrat Wahid has said that Prime Minister Imran Khan will remove the frustrations and depressions of the tribal people.  In a statement Tuesday, she said the sacrifices of tribal areas people to eliminate terrorism is a pride for the nation.  During the Tahreek for Pakistan the peoples from the tribal areas had played a vital role, she said.  During her meeting with Prime Minister Imran Khan, the PTI leader has congratulated the Priame Minister on the successful completion and approval of 26th Bill by the Joint session of the parliament.  She said that for the first time in the History of Pakistan a private bill accepted for amendment which is a significant achievement of Tahreek Insaf Government.   Nusrat Wahid further said that previously in Fata there was 6 seats only and now 12 seats and in the provincial assembly the number of seats has been increased from 16 to 24. After the implementation of the Bill Election will be held in one year or maximum 18 months, whereas all the provinces will give to previous Fata the NFC award 3 % extra shares.  She further said that after the Independence, PTI is the only government which has taken bold steps to resolve the issues of the tribal areas people for which the Prime Minister Imran Khan is playing a vital role.