Polish Prime Minister (PM) Mateusz Morawiecki on Wednesday strongly condemned the attack on the country's ambassador to Israel, Marek Magierowski, and classified it as racist and xenophobic.

Magierowski was attacked on the street in the vicinity of the Polish embassy in Tel Aviv on Tuesday. According to media reports, a man spat at the ambassador as the latter was getting into his car. Israel’s ambassador to Warsaw, Anna Azari, was summoned to the Polish Foreign Ministry in connection with the incident.

"I am very worried to hear of a racist attack on [Ambassador Marek Magierowski]. Poland strongly condemns this xenophobic act of aggression. Violence against diplomats or any other citizens should never be tolerated," Morawiecki posted on his Twitter account.

Israel and Poland have been at odds over the latter's 2017 law criminalizing accusations made against Warsaw of World War II war crimes, including the Holocaust, and draft law on restitution, which, Israel fears, might deprive Holocaust survivors and their descendants of their right to compensation for lost property. According to this Polish bill, the right to compensation should be restricted only to Holocaust victims with Polish citizenship.