After the creation of Pakistan in 1947, our senior political leaders failed to agree upon a constitution for more than ten years. They seemed busier in conspiracies for gaining power. On the other hand, India not only wrote a constitution, but also quickly occupied states such as Hyderabad, Junagar and Kashmir without consent of the residents. Repeated attempts by our rulers to hold dialogue with Indian government for the solution of Kashmir failed. In response to a journalist’s question regarding reluctance of Indian to talk with Pakistan, Mr. Nehru tauntingly replied that he was confused who he should talk to as Pakistan changed more leaders than he changed his “dothis”? Seventy-two years have gone by and the situation is still not much different. Baring the resistance movement of people of Occupied Kashmir, the issue has not moved an inch at the United Nations or in the bilateral talks between the two countries. While the BJP. Government is reluctant to hold talks in line with the principle of might is right, our leaders are still busy in leg pulling and conspiracies finding no time to take up the issue at international or bilateral levels.


Islamabad, May 1.