ISLAMABAD - The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Thursday issued notices to the Attorney General of Pakistan (AGP) and Strategic Planning Division on Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s petition to allow him move freely without restriction.

A two-member bench of the apex court comprising Justice Mushir Alam and Justice Yahya Afridi conducted hearing of Dr Abdul Qadeer’s petition.

During the hearing, Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan’s counsel produced a letter written himself by the nuclear scientist and duly signed. “I was forced today by the law officer to withdraw my petition and go to the IHC,” the letter added.

Justice Yahya Afridi addressing Dr Qadeer’s counsel said that there are three options for you argued this petition; withdraw this petition and third option is to another petition under Article 184(3) of Constitution. He asked from the counsel that if Dr Qadeer wanted this case to be heard then assist this court. He said that as a judge they cannot allow anyone to disgrace any High Court. How respected the petitioner is would not be permitted to disrespect the high court. He said that the tradition of transferring cases from one high court to another would not be permitted. He said that the High Court had restricted the movement of petitioner with his consent.

He said that after the Islamabad High Court order why the same relief sought from the Lahore High Court.

Taufiq Asif said that the application before the LHC was filed in extra-ordinary circumstances. Attorney General Khalid Jawed objected the wording of Dr Qadeer’s letter. Justice Afridi asked the attorney general that if you have objection on the letter then file response against it.

The AGP requested the bench not to accept this letter. However, the bench rejecting his plea made Dr Qadeer’s letter part of the court record.

Latter, the bench deferred hearing in this matter directing to fix it again after Eid.