LAHORE - Provincial Industries and Trade Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal outlined that markets and shops were opened on the insistence of traders and now implementing SOPs is their sole responsibility.

He stressed that traders will have to act upon SOPs in letter and spirit in order to impede the spread of coronavirus.  He asserted that in other case we will be compelled to close down markets and their timings will not be increased in any case.  He maintained that lockdown can only be prevented by adopting precautionary measures.  Aslam Iqbal expressed these views while talking with media representatives during his visit to Liberty Market and also reviewed implementation on SOPs.

The officials of district administration also accompanied him.

The Minister regretfully remarked that violation of SOPs is visibly manifested which ever market is visited.

He lamented that children are also seen in the markets while shopkeepers and buyers are seen without wearing masks which is dangerous phenomena.

The Minister warned that if SOPs are not fully implemented then markets will have to be closed again. He appealed to the traders to fulfill their commitment with regard to adopting precautionary measures.

He assured that industries and trade departments along with administration will extend all possible cooperation to the traders.

The Minister disclosed that random corona tests of salesmen and buyers will be conducted in big markets.