Islamabad - The government, on Thursday, largely decided to promote the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) students to the next grades without conducting examinations due to novel coronavirus situation.

Federal Minister for education Shafqat Mahmood announced in a press briefing held after the meeting of inter-provincial examination boards. According to the decision reached by the meeting, the SSC and HSSC students would largely be promoted to the next grades without examination, however special category students, having lower percentage of marks would have to appear in a separate exam to be conducted in September.

The minister said that all 29 educational boards unanimously agreed on the policy devised to pass the students due to COVID-19 situation in the country. Providing details, the minister said that different categories of the SSC and HSSC students, according to their grades, were to be promoted due to current unusual circumstances.

He said that all students of SSC-I and HSSC-I who had not appeared in the board exams had been promoted to next grades (SSC-II and HSSC-II) without exams.

Students of 10th and 12th, who have cleared 9th and 11th would also be promoted

“This includes both regular and private candidates,” he said. Minister said that these students of grade 10th and 12th would not take a composite exam in 2021 and would only appear in the regular examination of SSC-II and HSSC-II.

He added that the scores of their SSC-I (9th) and HSSC-I (11th) would be calculated on the basis of their results of 10th and 12th grade. Minister Shafqat Mahmood also said that in another category where students of 10th and 12th, who have passed all examinations of 9th and 11th would be also be promoted from SSC-II and HSSC-II (10th and 12th).

He said that these students would be promoted on the basis of their 9th and 11th grade examination results and would be provided additional 3 percent marks. “All these students will get an additional 3 percent marks added to their total based on the previous exam,” he said.

The minister said that the students who failed 40 percent of the subjects in the exams will be promoted to next grades with passing marks only.  He said that the marks sheets provided to students would not contain the subject-wise marks details, but overall score will be mentioned on it by the examination boards.

Explaining another category, the minister said that candidates, who were not satisfied with their grade 11 results and wants to improve by taking 12exam, those who were taking composite exam and had no grade 11 result to rely on, candidates wanting to appear in additional subjects and those who failed in more than 40 percent of the subjects in 9th and 11th have been placed in the same category.

He said that a special exam of these students would be conducted between September and November and the fee of these students would be re-adjusted in the special exam. He added that students willing to participate in special exam would have to indicate their respective boards till July 1st.