KARACHI                 -           Sindh Minister for Information, Local Gov­ernment, Housing & Town Planning, Re­ligious Affairs, Forest and Wildlife Syed Nasir Hussain Shah has said that all those shopkeepers who were not complying with the agreed Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have been warned that if they con­tinue to do so, their shops would be closed.

The Minister said that it was very unfor­tunate that the business leaders were not fulfilling their promises made during their meeting with Sindh Chief Minister, a news release on Thursday said. He said that if the Sindh government by taking care of the busi­ness community had allowed them to open their businesses, then they also had an obli­gation to keep their promises.

Syed Nasir Hussain Shah also appealed to the people to exercise caution during their visits to the markets, adding that, there was a danger of huge losses if they did not care. The Minister said that the coronavirus was not over yet, instead it had been estimated that the number of infected people had been increasing since the ease of lockdown.

‘It’s a contagious disease that spreads rap­idly from one person to another and if we are not careful, there will be a lot of problems,’ he said. The Minister said that the general public and businessmen should not force the government to re-impose full lockdown with their reckless behavior. He said that Sindh government wanted the businesses to con­tinue and people to get maximum facilities, but in this regard the government needed full cooperation of business community and general public.

He said that the Sindh Government through its Coronavirus Relief Ordinance wanted to provide relief to the poor in school fees as well as in utility bills.


Sindh Minister for Industries and Com­merce Jam Ikramullah Dharejo on Thurs­day said that the industries/ traders/ shops which had been allowed to operate by the Sindh Government while easing the lock­down were in any case, supposed to imple­ment SOPs in anyway. In a statement, he said strict action would be taken against the own­ers of industries/ traders/ shops deviating from SOPs as per the law and they might be sealed if found guilty.

The Minister said that in the current situa­tion of coronavirus, the Government of Sindh was facing several problems but two of them were very important. The first was to protect people from the coronavirus. The second was to provide them with employment.

Jam Ikramullah Dharejo added, ‘The first priority of the Sindh government is to pro­tect human lives and at the same time pro­vide employment to the common man so that the stoves in people’s homes do not get cold.’

He asked the industrialists to extend full cooperation to the Sindh Government to keep the industrial wheel active and to fully comply with SOPs.

Provinicial Minister for Industries ap­pealed to the people that they should take precautionary measures to stay safe from the COVID-19, otherwise the Sindh Government would have to reconsider its policy of easing lockdown and take strict measures.


Sukkur Commissioner Shafique Mahesar on Thursday said that the implementation on SOPs issued by the government in the markets, besides reducing business activities timings should be ensured.

During his visit to various markets here, the commissioner expressed his anger over non-implementation of SOPs by the traders.

He said the traders had made commit­ments with the government for implement­ing the SOPs, but in the markets not only they themselves violating the SOPs but also not asking the customers to follow those.

He observed that shopkeepers and buy­ers were not using masks, while the families were also carrying their kids in the markets.


The Sindh Bureau of Supply and Prices fined 350 shopkeepers over not displaying official price lists, selling substandard qual­ity items and overcharging masses across the province during the last 24 hours.

Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Minister on Bureau of Supply and Prices Dr. Khatu Mal on Thursday in a statement said that the of­ficers of the department along with the price magistrates challaned over 350 shopkeep­ers, vendors and imposed fines of around Rs. 500,000. -+ He said that around 2350 groceries shops, fruit and vegetables sellers and chicken and meat sellers and other ed­ible items across the province were checked.

Khatu Mal said that in Karachi Division alone, as many as 74 profiteers were chal­laned and fined with over Rs. ,235,000/- while 280 profiteers from other districts of the province were challaned with imposition of fines of Rs. 265,000.

The Special Assistant to Sindh Chief Min­ister said that strict actions would be taken against profiteering, hoarding and sale of substandard quality items.