The world is engaged in making innovation, investing in capital; human and technological, and mainly focusing on research so that they can easily find the solution to every problem. All the developed and developing countries are interested in industrialisation, artificial intelligence, robotics and thinking beyond the traditional system of agriculture.

These new trends are the actual way to development and sustainability of any country. If we compare the developed nations with Pakistan, it’s sort of disappointing that we are still reluctant and don’t invest in new sectors that can make our name and fame. Our economical, political, social and education system are so disturbed and discomforted that we are going backwards rather than going forward. Our institutions are not performing according to their capabilities, and the problem is not entertained in a reasonable way.

The institutions and other systems: political, social and economical in the world are public-oriented, for public welfare, caring for them, saving their rights and make them strong enough so the people can perform well.

Pakistan should learn from the rest of the world; China, USA, UK and Malaysia on how they promoted technology, tourism, industrialization, SMEs, made institutions strong and public friendly.