ISLAMABAD                    -                A seminar on Pakistan-China joint efforts to control locusts is going to be held on May 20.

The seminar, to be organized by the China Economic Net, under the title ‘Joint Efforts in Locust Control’ is aimed at stressing the urgency of joint efforts to combat locusts and strengthen regular thinking and forward-looking planning.

Pakistan has once again been plagued with the problem of locusts, which inflicted substantial damage to farmlands thus threatening food security of the country and prompting the government to seek help from Chinese experts to tackle the issue.

To assist in dealing with this outbreak, China sent aid of 300,000 litres of pesticides and 50 sets of equipment to Pakistan.

The Chinese government delivered the pesticide sprays to the government of Pakistan to combat locusts in the country, which are now emerging as a threat to food security.

Beijing had promised to provide malathion (insecticide) along with high-efficiency remote sprayers and other equipment to Pakistan in a bid to control the locusts which are affecting a huge area of land in the country.