ISLAMABAD                 -            With the release of 4 albums and 40 singles including the most heard songs ‘You’ and ‘Aise Kaise’, Pakistan’s new pop icon of the Pakistani music industry; sensational musician and artist Taha G releases ’Mann Mein Tu’.  An amazing mix of R&B and pop, which not only has left us and listeners mesmerized, the song ‘Mann Mein Tu’ was written, sung and composed by Taha G where the artist expresses about how a guy falls in love at first sight and his journey of love.  On the occasion of his new release Taha has said, “As every other musician’s story, life experience of a few heart breaks and adapting to the ever-changing world, I needed an outlet to express my journey. Today, here I am producing music, working on my singing and trying to better my art every day to battle through what life throws at us and express my thoughts with my work”. You can listen to ‘Mann Mein Tu’ on all leading radio stations and on Taha G’s official portals.