The bomb blast and the grenade attack on the CID office in Karachi is the result of the relaxation given to coalition partners on behalf of the government after routine target killings in the city which have also provided a chance to TTP to equal score with their rivals as more disturbance is easy in the prevailing chaos. The routine unsuccessful visit of the Interior Minister to Karachi on each incident and his confused statements after talking with MQM and ANP leaders in particular has emboldened the anti-state elements in the area. He recently said that every assassination should not be termed as target killing but I think each killing demands justice for the peace and stability in the city. Such an attitude of the government has greatly weakened the role of police in the city. Poorly managed operations cannot root out crimes from the city permanently. Although the presence of rangers in the city is approved from federal government, no fruitful results have been obtained so far. BACHA HUSSAIN, Mardan, November 13.