Interior Minister has expressed the resolve to eradicate corruption within seven days. A news item which appeared a few days ago reveals that the head of the department concerned would also be held equally responsible for the corruption indulged by any of his subordinates. Though it may sound somewhat unreasonable yet, thats the way to deal with corruption that is so rampant now-a-days in government offices and administration. The NAB or the Anti-Corruption department cannot keep a check on each and every government functionary. It is just impossible and impracticable. It has to be done at each level and in each office. This will break the 'vertical alignment of corruption in the offices, where everyone knows - the booty is passed on upwards on a pro rata basis. The immediate senior certainly knows about the lifestyle of his junior and whether he can afford it or not. The way he dresses, the transport he uses, the cell phone, etc, should let him judge instantly if the junior is living within or beyond his means. He must question him about these and if not satisfied censure him for it and reflect the same in his ACR. COL. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, November 13.