It is unfortunate, that a country created by icons like Quaid-i-Azam, Allama Iqbal and other men of integrity, commitment and principles is being ruled by men accused of financial scams with no stakes in Pakistan. The problem with Pakistan and its elite, most of them pseudo intellectuals, with an insatiable greed for fame, wealth and pomp is that they live in a state of denial. If people have allowed themselves to be duped to vote for this regime, inspite of all the controversies and corruption scams about the prevailing corrupt leadership, the Americans should not be blamed. It was not the USA which influenced J. Ashraf Qazi to procure 69 defective locomotives from a black listed Chinese firm for Pakistan Railways, nor did they influence this regime to again procure 75 more such locomotives from them. China today is a major producer of fast trains and even the USA is seeking to import their locomotives, yet those who matter in Pakistan managed to place orders with manufacturers of ill-repute in that country. Our Finance Minister, whose total tax paid in Pakistan for 2009, was under Rs9500/, conveniently forgets to provide funds for import of sugar in time, which results in a bonanza for the mill owners and hoarders. We have a habit of relying on conspiracy theories. The failure of our elected parliament and executive to provide good governance, deliver justice, equal opportunities, welfare and put in place an independent accountability infrastructure, than the existing one is our own folly. For decades we have allowed pygmies like Ayub, Zia, Musharraf and others to commit this unpardonable treason and get away scot-free. SYED IJAZ, USA, November 12.