US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has conceded that Pakistan is paying a big price for supporting the US war on terror. Confessing that the US had funded and reared the militant groups during the Soviet-Afghan war, she lamented that now the genie was out of the bottle. After blaming Pakistan for decades for nourishing these elements, this realization has come. Yet this should be seen in isolation to the US foreign policy and the mindset of the US establishment, especially Pentagon. Not a day goes by when the Obama administration is not seen slinging mud on Pakistan for showing leniency to terrorist groups. An important point that she did not mention was the aftermath of the Soviet war when Pakistan was totally abandoned by the US and left to fend for itself in the face of influx of Afghan refugees, drug trafficking, Kalashnikov culture and the scourge of militancy that continues to plague us to this day. There is no doubt that the US used us as a steppingstone in the 1980s and is following the same policy again. It would be nave to assume that the Secretary of State is genuinely worried about our plight when she says that we are paying a big price for being the front-line state. The US drones have turned our tribal areas into killing fields, with civilian casualties having created a severe backlash against the country, registering protest in the form of a spate of attacks killing countless innocent citizens. It is a pity that while pursuing a negotiated settlement of the Afghan imbroglio, the US is coercing us to use force in dealing with militant groups even with those who are willing to lay down arms and submit to the writ of the state. The US should know that our armed forces are already stretched too thin to launch new operations. However, much to our chagrin, the do more mantra goes on. There is no disputing the fact that the US hurled us into this maelstrom yet we must accept that we are only suffering the consequences of our error of judgment.