LAHORE - While PPPs top leadership has intensified efforts to prevent further defections from the party, the two dissident legislators from Multan who on Saturday announced to make forward bloc in Punjab Assembly have hinted at change their stance provided their reservations are addressed. Following Shah Mahmood Qureshis resignation from partys basic membership on Monday, President Asif Ali Zardari had a consultative meeting with senior party leaders to evolve strategy to woo back the estranged party men and to gauge the impact of expected defections. No official word was available on the meeting details, but sources said that some leaders have been assigned tasks to contact the angry members of the national as well as provincial assemblies and convey them assurances that their genuine grievances would be removed. PPP leaders are expecting some five to seven more defections from south Punjab after Qureshis parting of ways with the party. While three have come out in the open, others are likely to do so one after the other as part of a strategy. Following in the footsteps of Dr Akhtar Malik and Malik Abbas Raan, another PPP legislator from Sahiwal, Hafeez Akhtar has also joined former foreign ministers camp. Talking to a news channel on Monday, he also expressed his discontent over Prime Minister Gilanis conduct, accusing him of working against party interests. Mr Hafeez demanded the president convene a meeting of PPPs Punjab Parliamentary Party at the Presidency and listen to complaints of party lawmakers against the prime minister. Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Raja Riaz has already been tasked to establish contacts with the estranged legislators from Punjab to persuade them to change their mind. He was scheduled to meet two legislators from Multan, Dr Akhtar Malik and Malik Abbas Raan on Monday, but none of them turned up to see him. Talking to TheNation, Dr Akhtar Malik said that he and other PPP members of his group were ready to take back their decision of forming forward bloc in Punjab Assembly if their grievances are removed. He complained that PM Gilani had withheld development funds to be spent on water development schemes in his constituency for the sole reason that he had been elected MPA that falls within the National Assembly constituency of Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Dr Akhtar also accused the prime minister and his son Abdul Qadir Gilani of supporting his political opponents and forming their own political group loyal only to them. According to him, PM was damaging the party in the southern belt by extending favours to turncoats. Meanwhile, PPPs Punjab Parliamentary party is expected to meet next week to take stock of the emerging situation. The number of party MPAs attending that meeting would show as to how many of them were still with their parent party. PPPs Deputy Parliamentary Leader Shaukat Mahmood Basra told this scribe that no precise date for the meeting has been finalised but it may be held in the coming week.