ISLAMABAD - Owing to delay in completion of construction work only in the case of two small dams, the public exchequer has to suffer from a loss of Rs 6 billion. According to the documents available to TheNation, Khan Khawar Hydropower Project was to be completed in June 2006 that was delayed till 2011, thus increasing the cost of construction by Rs 3 billion. Another loss that is not being counted that dam has a designed installed capacity 72 megawatt so it would be adding energy in the national grid since that time that could save billion of the country in terms of cheaper energy generation source. The sources said that actual cost of construction of the dam was Rs 5.3 billion that with the passage of time increased to Rs 8.3 billion but still the loss in terms of energy is greater than the construction cost. Another small dam project that should have been started commercial operations in June 2009 but yet has not been completed is Allai Khwar Hydropower Project. The said project has a designed installed capacity of 121 MW and its actual cost was Rs 8.6 billion that has reached to Rs 13.8 billion and still there is an year to its completion as claimed in the documents. The said project was started in 2003 and was projected to give 463 GWh energy during the year. It is worth mentioning here that these projects were started in the time of Pervez Musharaf and when the present government took the charge there was a severe energy crisis in the country and Raja Pervaiz Ashraf instead of speeding up work on these projects adopted the novel ways of Rental Power Plants. According to experts in the Ministry of Water and Power only the hydel power projects could be the long-term solution to the countrys energy problems and these projects are also environment friendly so it can get benefit by securing carbon credits as well. TheNation has earlier reported that the government also made the country suffer from around Rs 100 billion loss by delaying Mangla Dam Raising Project. The said project has not achieved the required water level yet but the government is claiming that it has been finished and have started commercial operations. But the reality is otherwise and the dam still has gained a height of 1209 feet against the required height of 1230 feet that is needed to generate 650 million extra units during one year from the dam.