OUR STAFF REPORTER KHANEWAL - Public parks and green belt always provide healthy atmosphere to citizens and bring positive changes in their behaviour, said DCO Rashid Mehmood while speaking to a delegation of senior journalists. Rashid Mehmood said, This is always in my priority that cities and town should be cleaned and there should be parks and green belts, where people can go and enjoy. The DCO disclosed that district government had been taking steps for the establishment of a modern park-cum-play land in the mid of the city for the best interest of the public. He stated that for this purpose 96 kanal precious land had been retrieved from the possession of the RCA. The DCO also added that case had been forwarded to the provincial department concerned for the establishment of park on this land as soon as possible as professional architects would be engaged for planning and cite map of this park. DCO Rashid also told the media that fund embezzlement complaints about Fazal Park renovation had been viewed seriously and if any corruption detected, responsible would be punished accordingly. He also urged the civil society that they should cooperate with TMA for the cleanliness and removal of encroachments on bazaars and from public places.