LAHORE The NAB (Punjab) on Monday arrested Khalid Mahmood, one of the main accused in the Suzuki Sialkot Motors scam. Khalid and his accomplices had swindled Rs400 million by cheating people through fake booking of cars. Further investigations are under away. The inquiry into the Sialkot Suzuki Motors scam initiated in September 2010 and 129 claimants from Sialkot and Daska claimed that they were cheated. The claimants allege that the showroom owner refused to deliver them their vehicles which they had booked through the showroom. NAB Director Squadron Leader Muhammad Irshadul Haq (retired) wrote to the Dera Ghazi Khan regional police officer (RPO) on June 20, 2011, that Munir Ahmad Zia was also allegedly involved in the motors scam involving principal accused Sultan Mahmood (late) and others. The director said that during the course of proceedings many affected people of the scam alleged that DPO Zia misused his authority during his posting as Sialkot SP through illegally deploying state functionaries/police personnel in uniform as well as in civvies on the premises of the showroom. A claimant said he was once manhandled by some guards, who appeared to be policemen in plainclothes, when he visited the showroom in April 2010. When contacted spokesman of the NAB said that Zia was of the view that he provided security to the show room owner only for the reason that he passed him an application wherein he claimed that he had threat to his life.