The latest news on PIAs front is that the airline has grounded 10 of its planes over maintenance problems. As a result, the Haj flight schedule has been badly disrupted. Among the pilgrims who had to go through the ordeal of waiting for long hours were 65 parliamentarians. At Lahore airport, a Jeddah bound flights passengers could not board the plane even though boarding cards had been issued. There have been reports about passengers indulging in verbal fisticuffs with the airport authorities in Lahore. The PIA must have known that extra attention would be focused on it owing to the Haj season but still it did not put its house in order. One can only imagine how the flights would be operating on normal days. During the past few years, there is hardly an instance that can be recalled where those at the helm of the national flag carrier had lived up to what was expected of them. The financial losses range in billions of rupees. There are never-ending tales of corruption, mismanagement, shady deals, cronies holding top positions, overstaffing and what not. It is outrageous that the rates have gone sky high but the flights could still not be operated on time. And then on top of that we have news that the airline is grounding most of its planes because it has run out of spare parts. The charge that this is being deliberately done to pave the way for the purchase of a new fleet of aircrafts seems valid. Some are also of the view that the airline is being left to go to dogs to set the scene for the launch of a new airline by a high profile political personality. Not long ago, PIA was making huge profits but keeping its fares affordable. It had made a name for providing quality technical expertise to other airlines from around the world. An impartial investigation must be carried out to determine why suddenly 10 aircrafts have been grounded and as to why even spare parts for them could not be procured in time. Also some heads must roll for the constantly deteriorating performance. The PPP setup that played a part in infesting the airline with cronies and other errant officials must get its share of the blame. Every effort must be made to enable PIA to regain its reputation of old days.