LAHORE Hit by the continuing post-Haj delays, the national flag-carrier (PIA) took yet another blame home: Abdur Rehman, a Pakistan pilgrim, expired at the Jeddah Airport on Monday during a long wait for departure of the flight PK-2010 for Karachi. A peer of the departed soul, while talking to the media, said insufficient PIA facilities at the Jeddah Airport were to blame for Rehmans death. Ridiculous it might look though, yet Mr Tahir, the spokesman for the airline, said the pilgrim died a natural death because he (Rehman) was praying for his death while sitting in the lounge of the Jeddah Airport. Meanwhile, several more flights, operating from and to the AIIAP (Allama Iqbal International Airport), got delayed due to unknown reasons. These included the Pk-2310 (from Jeddah to Lahore), which was expected to arrive in Lahore at 12 am on Tuesday. It was delayed by more than nine hours. The PK-2208 (Jeddah-Lahore) arrived in Lahore with a delay of more than 13 hours (at 7:35 pm on Monday) contrary to its scheduled time of 6:00 am on the same day. The PK-760, a schedule flight from Jeddah to Lahore, was expected to arrive at 1:00 am on Tuesday, instead of its arrival time of 9:25 am on Monday. Similarly, a flight coming from Dubai to Lahore was late by four hours. The PK-204 arrived at 9:30 pm whereas it was supposed to arrive at 5:30 pm on Monday. Apart from international flights, the domestic ones coming from Islamabad and other sectors were also late, said a Flight Inquiry staff while talking to TheNation. He said the PK-306 coming from Karachi, the PK-588 from Bahawalpur and the PK-589 from Islamabad were all late by two to three hours. Flights departing from Lahore were late, too. These included the PK-759, operating from Lahore to Jeddah. It could only leave at 2:00 pm, instead of 9:55 am. On the domestic routes, the PK-317 and the PK-305 were also late. Due to the delays in the Haj flights, the pilgrims were suffering at the Jeddah Airport, while their near and dear ones were facing hardships at various airports of the country. A report from the AIIAP said that a good number of people, gathered at the airport to receive the Hajis, had to wait for hours to see the flights land. When contacted, the PIA spokesman said that delays in the post-Haj operation was a natural phenomenon as more than 3 millions people simultaneously move from the KSA to their respective destinations. He said that all airlines of the world operating from and to the KSA get delayed every year. He said the PIA, with the cooperation of Ministry of Religious Affairs, had planned to establish a special waiting lounge for the senior pilgrims but the project was cancelled due to a report published in a section of press.