DOHA (Online) - Taliban chief Hakimullah Mehsud has warned that his fighters were planning to orchestrate more attacks against the government and the military, an Arab TV reported on Monday. In an Eid message posted on banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan website in English, Urdu, Pashto and Arabic, Mehsud claimed he had withdrawn his fighters from certain areas as part of a 'war strategy and were planning attacks to regain areas they had lost in Swat, Malakand and the tribal areas. He claimed some of the areas vacated by Taliban fighters had again fallen into the hands of the Taliban. The militants were waging a guerrilla war and inflicting losses on security personnel and US elements, he further claimed. Mehsud has rarely been seen in public since the US stepped up drone strikes that targeted him and Pakistan military launched operations against him and his fighters. However, he claimed that the Taliban were continuing the 'open war that was declared by slain TTP founder Baitullah Mehsud against the Pakistani state in January 2008 due to the countrys alliance with the US. He reiterated the Pakistani Talibans loyalty to Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Muhammad Omar, saying Muslims did not recognise the Durand Line as the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Mullah Omar is our leader, guide and Ameer (chief), Mehsud said. The services and sacrifices made by the TTP for the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan have been proven over the time and our association with them will only continue to strengthen, he said.