ISLAMABAD - A group of over two dozens political bigwigs, both from in and outside the parliament, who have been delaying their crucial meeting for three days, are likely to finalise the launching of new political party on Thursday (17 November). The group that largely consists of dissidents from various political parties would finalise different modalities on Thursday keeping in view the fast changing political scenario, sources privy to these developments told TheNation. The sources said these political figures would decide the working, manifesto, and name of the new political set-up in their upcoming meeting. When contacted, a senior member of the group Ishaq Khan Khakwani, a former minister in the regime of Gen Prevez Musharraf, confirmed that in order to discuss different important matters, the meeting would now be held on Thursday. Due to some reasons we have decided to delay the meeting for three more days, he said, adding that important decisions would be made in the meeting. It is relevant to mention here that earlier Jhangir Tareen has reportedly said that a change in the political scene was inevitable that nobody could stop in coming days. We are 15-20 parliamentarians including senators, MNAs and politicians. We have been preparing our manifesto to set our priorities, he said and also did not rule out joining or making an alliance with PTI. It was also reportedly claimed that some of sitting MNAs, MPAs and senators were also in contact with the leader of the group, Jhangir Tareen, MNA from PML-F, to announce their joining the new political party.