The disintegration of USSR into small states provided USA the golden opportunity to emerge as the greatest world power. It may be so in strength and size but not in popularity especially among the Muslim countries. Its anti-Islam policies may not be as conspicuous as its open support to Israel which encourages constant victimisation of Palestine. While America continues to preach the cause of peace in the world it has never tried to stop Israel from suspending its acts of terrorism against a weak Palestine. The Israel army has the liberty to cross over the borders even with tanks and create any amount of killing and devastation in Palestine. They can even encroach upon any Palestinian territory and claim it to be their own. Patronised by USA the terrorism is neither checked by the UNO nor condemned by the other world powers. While poor countries of the world are dependent on USA for financial support and cannot perhaps protest against its policies, the rich countries are not. One thus fails to understand, why should they also act as the 'cronies of USA and tow its unjust cum partial line of action. Now when a meeting of the UN Security Council is in the offing to consider 'Palestines full membership of the UN a lobby headed by Britain and France is coming up to oppose the same. It means depriving the Palestinians of the full UN support in solving its problems with Israel which is in consonance with the wishes and desires of their master, the USA. This indicates that we cannot expect peace in the world and settle burning issues like the Israel-Palestine conflict unless the advanced countries like the two mentioned above follow independent foreign policies. RAFI NASIM Lahore November 14