PESHAWAR - The recruitment of incompetent staff in the tenure of former ANP, PPP ruling coalition has turned the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Medical Faculty into a centre of mismanagement and corruption as students repeatedly made complaints of mistakes in their DMCs and non-issuance of role number slips at the time of examinations.

Reliable sources told The Nation that most of the appointments in the faculty have been made in violation of merit for which the high-ups of health department are responsible.

The faculty class-IV workers have been promoted to the ranks junior clerks and assistants, who are not able to run the affairs of the department.

The main responsibility of the medical faculty is to conduct examinations, issue role numbers, issue certificates, marks sheets, and degrees but the faculty has been failed to provide services to students who are doing diplomas in various paramedical disciplines. The faculty members frequently commit mistakes at the time issuing certificates, marks sheets and role number slip for examination.

There is no computerised record in the faculty and mostly the certificates of the two years course are in hand written format, which might be changed and one can declare himself passed by making changes in his marks sheet. The major course which is scrutinizing by this medical board include two year laboratory technicians, medical technicians, Anesthesia technicians, surgical technicians and dental technicians.

Talking to The Nation, a student of the faculty Yasir Khan said that the faculty members and staff do not properly scrutinize the papers as despite attending the examinations, they declare him absent in the detail marks certificate.

He further informed when he applied for his failed paper they did not issue role number slip and took his examination without any role number by writing only name on the paper.

A teacher of paramedic’s institute who pay routine visits to the faculty told this scribe that the faculty generates its revenue by repeatedly failing the candidates to submit examination fee.

Akbar Shah, resident of Peshawar, who also visit the faculty for personal work also confirmed that he took diploma from the faculty by paying cash money to the staff members. He said that the staff members are ready for bribery when one can offer money in exchange of certificate or passing fail paper.

When this scribe contacted Secretary of the Medical faculty Peshawar Javad Habid, he informed that he has assumed charge recently and soon after taking the charge he has started reforms in the faculty to computerize the overall record. He admitted that certain mistakes might be happened in issuance of certificates but the news of getting fake degree through bribe would be thoroughly investigated and the responsible would be dealt with iron hands.

He vowed to take strict action against the black sheep’s silently working in the department to defame the reputation of the faculty. He said that all the complaints of the students would be addressed immediately after computerisation process.

It is to be mentioned here that number of paramedics institutions are affiliated with this medical faculty, which paying annual fees to this medical board in term of generating revenue, however some staff in the organisation is engaged in corruption for getting extra profit through unfair means.