MIAN CHANNU - A driver of a Punjab minister allegedly warned a Motorway inspector of dire consequences when they were fined for speeding on Motorway near Kachha Khooh the other day, sources said.

Livestock Minister Haroon Sultan Bukhari was fined for speeding on his way to Multan from Lahore.

As per reports, the minister was introducing himself to NH&MP officials the first time he was pulled over, but his driver drove the vehicle away instead.  The minister’s vehicle was however flagged down by the next NH&MP mobile and issued a ticket of Rs750 for speeding. Not surprisingly, the minister paid the challan, tore it down and threw it away.

In the meantime, an exchange of hot words ensued between the minister’s driver and NH&MP Inspector Nasrullah.

The driver warned the Motorway official of dire consequences and left.