PESHAWAR  -  Qaumi Wattan Party has announced formally announced quitting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)-led coalition government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, a day after removal of its two ministers on corruption charges and PTI’s declaration of the end of partnership with the junior partner.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday‚ QWP KPK Chairman and ex-senior minister Sikandar Sherpao levelled a series of allegations against the PTI, including selective application of merit criterion and false corruption charges on QWP members.

In response to a question about expulsion of their two provincial ministers on corruption charges, which ended the six-month-long coalition, Sikander said the PTI had itself offered his party to join PTI in the provincial government. He said that his party was glad to join the provincial coalition set up for the sake of public good but they were not taken into confidence on important national issues.

Two QWP ministers Bakht Baidar and Ibrar Hussain were expelled from the provincial cabinet on Wednesday. The former held the ministry of industries, commerce and labour, while the latter was the provincial environment minister. Following their dismissal, Sikandar had also stepped down Wednesday evening as senior minister.

Sikander, a son of QWP chief Aftab Sherpao, said the application of “merit was limited to few persons”. He alleged that PTI leadership was not sincere in addressing the problems being faced by the Pakhtuns. “However, we would keep our role in from opposition benches.”

Earlier in a statement, Sikander Sherpao said the PTI violated merit and blamed its coalition partners for the mess it created. He said the PTI ministers did nothing during the six months in government and wasted the funds meant for the wellbeing of the people, adding that the government has not even set up parliamentary committees so far.

He said the PTI leadership was interfering in the affairs of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government. Sikandar said the PTI ministers were being controlled with a remote control from Bani Gala in Islamabad. “The PTI minister neither visited the sites of the bomb blasts nor attended the funeral prayers of the Shaheed cops, who were killed in acts of subversion,” he added.

Meanwhile, sacked QWP minister Abrar Hussain has reportedly announced to move Supreme Court over his dismissal. According to media reports, Abrar, who hails from Mansehra district of Hazara division, was of the view that PTI chief Imran Khan had levelled baseless allegation against him.

The sacked minister has reportedly announced that he would go to Supreme Court and would ask Imran Khan and his other colleagues and team members to present the corruption evidences against him. Moreover, he had said he would present corruption evidences of Imran Khan and others in the court.


KPK GOVT, says Pervaiz

Staff Reporter from Islamabad adds: Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Pervaiz Rashid has said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) would not become part of destabilising any provincial government.

In a statement‚ he said the federal government would not destabilise the PTI-led government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwah province by making alliance with any other political party.

The minister said that the PML-N government had also played no role to destabilise the PPP government in Azad Kashmir in the past.