Israel has remained a thorn in the desert of Arabia. It has behaved as a bully since its inception in 1948. It was created by Western powers to give shelter to the wandering Jews but became a problem for almost the entire Middle East.

Its stand on controversial Palestine issue has hurt millions of innocent and seems to be one of the major unresolved issues in the world.

Massive resources have been used in this ongoing conflict, many wars have been fought.

Everyone knows that Israel poses great threat to the region the rulers have conducted themselves as terrorists. The poor Palestinians have been leading homeless lives under the threat of constant war. The problem became complicated because the Western powers and the United States of America have been giving unconditional support to Israel against Arab States. OIC and UNO have failed to play their role to solve the conflict. The world’s conscience has not been pricked over the brutal killings of Palestinians.

The world should strive towards peace not temporary but constant peace, the two glaring and outstanding conflicts which have not been resolved for 66 years need to be resolved now. As we progress the need for wars should have been eliminated but the US being one of the biggest manufacturers of arms keeps the world embroiled in constant wars. Someone needs to put a stop to this if UNO has failed to do so!


Lahore, November 7.